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a comparative analysis of fdi in terms of “quantity” and “quality”

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Обзор и описание a comparative analysis of fdi in terms of “quantity” and “quality”

This study focuses on quality of education in higher education institutions in Ethiopia from academic and administrative perspectives. Comparatively speaking, the study is comprehensive in which the findings and recommendations would help to reshape structures and work more to make a difference, change and correction in timely manner. The author believes that, there are desirable elements in the study, which would capture the attentions of policy makers, governance of higher education institutions and other stakeholders for taking appropriate measures duly. Despite the fact that, the study is specific and focuses on three higher education institutions, its discussions, findings and recommendations would awaken other similar higher education institutions across the country. Besides his teaching profession, the author has Magazine and Newspaper publications with the following titles:Tertiary Education:Its quantity and quality in Ethiopia(2007),Ethical values and Teaching-Learning Process(2008),and Socialist system:Its Socio-political trends in the late 20th c.(1986). The author is a member of ESSSWA that enables him to contribute his part to the social endeavor in Ethiopia.

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