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all about indian higher education system

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A country’s economy depends upon the efficient functioning of its banking system. Banking contributes to GDP growth, employment and development of the economy. By making best use of the credit availability in their systems, far reaching socio-economic changes are taking place and Indian banks have come forward to play this role in the process. Education is central to economic development. It creates a base for equity in the society. Higher Education needs to be empowered as it is responsible for the political, economic, social development of the economy. Despite the progress, since independence, higher education is still not accessible to the poor. The National Knowledge Commission and Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) Committee (2005) recommend an increase in government support for higher education. Inadequate budgetary provisions, increased costs and accentuated financial hardships of institutions of higher education have resulted into increase in the fee structure making higher education costly and unaffordable to many aspirants. Educational loan scheme introduced by Reserve Bank of India to facilitate financial assistance to students seeking admission in higher edu

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