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assessment of hydro environmental situations

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Обзор и описание assessment of hydro environmental situations

The environmental problems related to the hydro-geological setting of dryland are receiving increasing recognition, due to the growth of urban areas and the deterioration of available freshwater resources. The wadi beds and alluvial plains are the most attractive landforms in the dryland for urban development, but the hydrological processes of these wadis and feeder catchments were almost neglected. The occasional development of heavy storms has proved the capability of the resulting flash floods and associated sediment transport to devastate the urban areas as well as the other human activities. Additionally the disposal of sewage discharge of the growing towns and cities is one of the serious problems that affect the sustainability of environmental resources. The alluvium aquifers are being replenished by the sewage discharge. This contaminated groundwater poses a serious threat to the public health and remedial actions are urgently required to deal with the environmental consequences of the hydrological problems of sewage discharge. Therefore the current book endeavours to address this need and to assist the development of growing dryland cities such as Makkah of Saudi Arabia

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