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costs efficiency of the public universities

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Обзор и описание costs efficiency of the public universities

In Bangladesh, like other developed countries, the public universities continue to face mounting pressure from the government to use resources economically efficient ways in the face of increasing scarcity of funds. The book Costs Efficiency of the Public Universities explores practical uses involved in the measurement of the costs efficiency of the universities. The analysis is done by descriptive and empirical analysis of the Panel Data. The study sheds light on following three broad questions which arises. First, what are the key inputs and outputs? Secondly, what is the cost structure ? Thirdly, how do the universities perform in resources utilization? The descriptive analysis part of the study analyses issues concerning university outputs, institutional costs for inputs, and resources utilization. The empirical analysis part of the study estimates stochastic cost frontier equations, and thereby, analyses issues dealing with economic efficiency:estimates of economies of scale, economies of scope, demand for inputs in the universities, and finally potential cost saving associated with efficiency.This is the first ever study in the context of South Asian countries.

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