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energy aware technique for wireless sensor network

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Обзор и описание energy aware technique for wireless sensor network

The WSN monitoring system is a promising technique to detect the damage of the structural health. There are many established methods have been used for computing or visualizing the building structural damage. Technical challenges affecting deployment of wireless sensor network including the range of coverage area, lifetime qualities of data, real time response, interference, reflection and optimization. The goal of this research is to develop new prototype using proposed new module and tested under real time environment for computing vibration and tilt of the building. In order to cover the entire damage region, sensor network topology is the key characteristic of sensor network. The loss of ZigBee based sensor network topology is investigated and efficient queueing method is obtained based on CBR (Constant Bit Rate) traffic and DT (Drop Tail), SFQ (Stochastic Fair Queueing) and RED (Random Early Discard) queuing mechanism using NS-2 (Network Simulator-2). After modelling ZigBee based sensor network topology, the output and queue loss of sensor network topology are computed based on different TCP mechanism in order to find out the optimal TCP method for monitoring the network.

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