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integrated gis

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Precision farming is the application of technologies and principles to manage spatial and temporal variability associated with all aspects of agricultural production. Precision farming is essential for serving the dual purpose of enhancing productivity and reducing ecological degradation. Precision farming offers a variety of potential benefits in profitability, productivity, sustainability, crop quality, food safety, environmental protection, on farm quality of life and rural economic development. To maximize the yield to a great extent, supplying nutrients as such in the soil will not serve, as the nutrient requirement varies with different zones in the soil and so it is a must to analyse the soil nutrient status in various zones and nutrients are to be supplied according to the site specific requirement. Fertilizer recommendations in modern crop production rely on laboratory analysis of soil samples. The accuracy and precision of the fertilizer recommendation can be improved by considering the factors influencing nutrient variability.The fertilizer and water management varies with different zones and it plays a vital role in determining the yield and quality of farm produce.

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