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interaction in ffi and tbi

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This research study have indentified that still in the area of Karachi,Pakistan 2012 there is no control and strategy plan to control the interactions. The main objective of the study is to identify drug Interaction in prescription, Evaluation to the Interaction & its Management. For avoid biasness stratified random samplying with cross sectional study have been selected. Additionally, close at hand is widespread use of numerous herbal medicines from relatively under-regulated suppliers and the constituents of such products are often not known. This clinical reality of the widespread use of potent medicines – be they allopathic or traditional – showed us the need for a practical hands-on guide that aims to be a compact, succinct and accessible source of Information for practitioners, prescribers and the public about adverse drug-Interaction. As compare to the Asian countries the trend to prescribe the medication is very eccentric which lead to Multiple Drug Interaction. We aim to produce a source of information that can be used within the time frame of a consultation, to provide some guidance to prescribers, dispensers and users to minimize the risk of a drug interaction occurring.

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