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leather industry and rural poverty

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Обзор и описание leather industry and rural poverty

In the last few decades, most of developing countries have witnessed an accelerating spread in poverty. The majority of individuals or households are becoming unable to satisfy even their basic needs. The main objective of this book is to explain the causes and effects of rural poverty, and how it can be eradicated. El- Zedab rural areas have been taken as a case study. The author uses policy analysis as a perspective. The analysis gives more concentrations on the sustainable human development policies that have been ignoring the rural poor and marginalizing the subsistence agriculture, the main source of living in the rural areas. These biased development policies against the rural population have failed to invest sufficiently in the rural areas. As a result, the gap between urban and rural areas has been increasing, and deterioration in education and health care, which let most of the rural populations migrate to urban cities searching for better living. This book therefore, provides the factors underling rural poverty and may help in stimulating further research about the causes and consequences of poverty amongst rural population, so that it can be adequately addressed.

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