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malaysian fast food brand equity

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Brand Equity is a very important aspect to both, consumers and firms. High brand equities are said to achieve consumer loyalty, increased market share, and therefore, higher profit margins for the company. Thus, it is essential for marketers to know exactly where the equities of their brands come from, and to incorporate those elements that create brand equity into the marketing activities of the firm. Regardless of the considerable interest in the concept of Brand equity and its measurements, there have been very few research proposed that indicate the elements that could be used by marketers to measure the equities of their brands. To addressing this gap, this book puts forward a detailed investigation of six of the different brand equity studies proposed by various researchers to measure the brand equity by a company. The research also outlines the different elements proposed by each study to measure brand equity. A comparison is given between the different Brand Equity studies, and their advantages and disadvantages. Finally, the outcome of whether Multinationals in Egypt measure the equities of their brands is mentioned, with conclusions and recommendations by the author.

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