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poverty reduction through human rights

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Обзор и описание poverty reduction through human rights

Research evidence suggesting the link between disability & poverty has been increasing at an alarming rate in recent years. Despite this, there has been very little attention to ensuring representation and inclusion of people with disabilities in poverty reduction processes. However, disability movements and their partners have been increasing pressure to ensure that people with disabilities effectively participate in the development of national development plans targeting poverty reduction. The aim of this qualitative study was to analyze the extent to which the human rights-based approach can be used as an advocacy tool for mainstreaming disability in the national development processes targeting poverty reduction in Uganda. The study was conducted in Kampala and Kiboga districts, and data were gathered between August and October 2009. Key informant interviews and focus group discussions were used for data collection. Eleven participants were purposively selected to participate in key informant interviews. Using these key informants, the snowballing technique was used to identify twenty people that participated in the two focus group discussions, with each having ten participants.

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