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psycho social analysis of displaced people

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Обзор и описание psycho social analysis of displaced people

Global warming, climate change and its effect on the developing country are now a burning issue. Global warming is accelerating rapidly. Already, many developing countries, ecosystem and people are suffering from its impacts. Bangladesh is recognized worldwide as one of the countries most vulnerable to the impacts of global warming and climate change. This is due to its unique geographic location, dominance of floodplains, low elevation from the sea, high population density, high levels of poverty, and overwhelming dependence on nature, its resources and services. The country has a history of extreme climatic events claiming millions of lives and destroying past development gains. The people and social system have knowledge and experience of coping with their effects – to some degree and extent. This research is carried out to understand the impact of climate change as disaster and hazard affected people who have been forced to be displaced. The study followed a triangulation method, i.e. a combination of quantitative and qualitative research method. In all, displaced people have become more vulnerable in terms of social, economic, cultural, institutional and psychological support.

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