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role of university libraries in research

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Обзор и описание role of university libraries in research

University libraries are the centre for global information access and dissemination, their primary role is to assist library users in the process of transforming information to knowledge. Despite the importance of University libraries, their development in developing countries is generally perceived to be inadequate. At the same time university libraries have remained central to the management of scholarly communication and for centuries they have been repository of written record and powerful symbol of human intellectual achievement. In spite of the recognition that libraries play as a key role in development and success of higher education, in many parts of the developing world there is a near total collapse of University library and information services. This book is written with the back information that management and establishment of University Libraries in Kenya and developing countries is faced with a lot challenges. The book has clearly brought into light the origin of libraries and has highlighted fundamental process that ought to be taken in the establishment and management of University Libraries. The book provides clear guidance on the important role of University

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