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university library websites of maharashtra

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The present society is passing through the information explosion. Information is available in print and non print media such as books, periodicals, newspapers, compact discs, photograph records, films, tapes, microforms etc. Management of these information sources is challenge and require highly scientific task. Hence, the library and information schools have emerged. Need of skilled personnel to the information management is fulfilled by Library and Information Science schools, which deals with all kinds of aspects related to library and information centers with a motive to link the information seeker with required information through the various library and information center’s operations. Due to the advancement of WWW university teaching departments including Library and Information Science have posted their website on the internet. Web portals are single access point for information presentations and exchange over the internet used by community of interest. Maharashtra state is having the number of colleges and university departments conducting the education programs of Library and Information Sciences.Hence the book is focused on the information given on the websites of DLIS.

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